DreamKitchen Studio

Music Lessons

I believe that everyone has a unique musical gift and that my role as teacher is to help you make the most of that gift. I tailor each of my lesson plans based upon what you want to learn. I will help you identify the best strategies for independent progress and provide a safe place to focus while you challenge the limits of what you can do.

All the lessons take place in a studio that has access to a wide variety of instruments and recording gear that I use as part of my standard teaching tools. If you are interested in increasing your musical creativity and confidence and think that an experienced teacher who focuses on what you want to learn could help, please consider using me as resource.

Reasons to use my services:
All lessons are clearly laid out to achieve your personal goals.
Unique opportunity to enhance your musical instruction with the resources of a recording studio.

Help available for:
+ Learning guitar, bass, keyboard, voice and drums.
+ Music reading, writing and theory
+ Aural training (playing by ear)
+ Band playing and arrangement (small group lessons available)
+ All levels of creative support from conception to finished product
+ Setting up your own home studio
+ Getting a grasp on how to produce the sounds you want
+ DIY support for your projects

Contact me at dexter.carl.a@gmail.com.