DreamKitchen Studio

Recording Services

I built the DreamKitchen Studio as a place where the creation of music would come first; an alternative to the engineering oriented recording studio where the music is often left behind in the pursuit of an artificial sense of control.

Using an intimate room with a unique collection of gear, I work with each musician to get the recording to sound right from the first moment of recording, in the belief that finding the performance in the studio should be as easy as possible.

I believe that music is a close reflection of what you are hearing as you play. Without the right sound you can become inhibited, unable to tap into the right set of musical responses and end up trying to communicate a feeling without experiencing it, which is why I focus on setting up a comfortable working environment where you can really hear what you need to hear in order to be inspired.

Studio time can be incredibly rewarding. To get the most from your recording budget, choose someone with the right skill set before you commit to that larger project. I would be happy to help you find out if I could be that person.

Reasons to use my services:
All sessions are clearly laid out to achieve your personal goals.
Studio has a unique mixture of modern and vintage recording gear.
Exotic instrumentation available (sitar, harmonium, percussion, bowed strings, etc.)
Experienced producer and accompanist involved in all phases of recording.

Help available for:
+ All levels of creative support from conception to finished product
+ Setting up your own home studio
+ Getting a grasp on how to produce the sounds you want
+ DIY support for your projects

If interested please email me at dexter.carl.a@gmail.com.